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[release]BUG !

Post  ADMINcrunkface on Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:11 am

rylkronos Editing Item Stats with Normal Merchants
(Credit goes to Patrick for the tutorial)

Patrick wrote:
Tutorial for 4k Bug items...
first u need Cheat engine [or MHS].
if u dont got it download it here
[ http://www.memoryhacking.com/download.php ]
and click on this button (picture name: dowload button)
if u installed it then start it
then start ryl2 and open cheat engine [or MHS]
u will gonna see this (picture name: 1.process)
after u did that step u selected the process "client.exe" thats the ryl2 .exe
then (picuture name: 2.Text) change the value search to Text search
after that (picture name 3.NPC Name) type the weapon or armor merchant
name in it but make sure u opened it before and dont changed anything like bought or
sold anything.... then press "First Scan" it will take maybe 5 seconds...
after that u will get many adresses with the names pick the first 1
mostly its green...
go with your cursor over and press rightlcik (picture name: 5. memory) and select
"Disassemble this memory region" click on that and a window will top up
with many many numbers
then do rightclick like this (picture name:search memory) and
write the CORRECT item name down (picture name: item search)
after that u will see something like a totally weird word string
go and scroll a little bit down till u cant see the item name anymore
then u gonna see many 00000000000 and when u go more down u see "04" (picture name:04)
which is every important and now will come the time to edit something
(picture name: 9.unedited) look at that"! then u see just some numbers thats unedited
now look at that (picture name: 10. edited) then u gonna see that i changed some "00"
to "20" the 20 makes it to 4080 or 4095 its random... then go to shop
but DONT REFRESH and buy it (make sure u got more then 1b in your inventory)
then buy close cheatengine [or MHS] and go FULLY out of game... loggin and have fun

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